Beyond Secular Faith: Diaspora, Community, and Solidarity

June 27, 2022 - July 2, 2022
Instituto De Filosofia de Edith Stein

Paseo de Cartuja, 49
Granada 18011


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9th Annual Summer School and International Conference

Beyond Secular Faith: Diaspora, Community, and Solidarity.

The freedom and flourishing of many Christian as well as Muslim minorities in zones of conflict around the world are seriously compromised, oftentimes even their existence is threatened. In the post-Christian societies of the western democracies, an increasing number of Christian communities live in diaspora in a cultural, political, and economic sense.

When surveying Church-history however, diaspora communities have acknowledged the opportunity to strengthen their authentic relationship with the Incarnated Son; sharing the destiny of the One who was despised, they have deepened their Trinitarian understanding of community and political life and have thus contributed to the rebirth of a community open to dialogue and solidarity.

Our goal is to explore how the experience of living in diaspora today illuminates the vision of a community capable of solidarity.

Following Pope Francis's idea about the importance of building bridges with this encounter we also seek to address these issues concerning the Muslim-Christian relationship with a global horizon and even though in the particularly rich historical context of the city of Granada.

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