CFP: Critical-Creative Philosophy Competition - $500 Grand Prize

Submission deadline: September 30, 2022

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Critical-Creative Philosophy Competition
Submissions due September 30th, 2022 on our jam website:
$500 grand prize, plus publication opportunities

Critical-Creative Philosophy is a half-year jam running from the beginning of March 2022 until the end of September 2022. Participants are asked to create a “critical-creative” piece based on a canonical work of philosophy. This means that their (and their audience’s) critical engagement with the work of philosophy they’ve chosen should take a creative form. For some examples of what we have in mind when we say this, please see the FAQ on our website:

Artistic pieces inspired by the lives and works of famous philosophers are ubiquitous, but few of these make substantive, lasting contributions to the ways their philosophies are understood by academics or by the general public. Academic scholarship is difficult for the general public to access, too, and does not do as much as it could to enrich their approaches to the canons, traditions, and problems they’d like to learn more about or explore for themselves. 

Our jam aims to bridge this gap between academic philosophy and philosophy as an activity that anyone might enjoy. We want you — especially those among you without permanent academic positions — to create pieces that combine the critical and the creative, such that anyone with an interest in the philosophical work you’ve chosen will learn something about it, see it with fresh eyes, or simply enjoy (re)visiting it in a new form.

To encourage participation from a wide variety of people, we offer the following prizes:

 Panel winner (x 1): $500 in compensation and publication in the digital review. This prize is awarded by our panel of judges.

 Runners-up (x 2 or 3): Publication in the digital review. This prize is also awarded by our panel of judges.

 Popular winner: Publication in the digital review. This prize is chosen through’s jam voting system by jam participants. It goes to the highest ranked piece that has not been selected as the panel winner or as a runner-up.

 Anywhere from 4 to 5 pieces will be chosen for publication in a 2023 issue of the digital review.

Our judges are:

 Ian Hatcher – performance artist, freelance programmer, poet, and musician

 Elyse Lemoine – writer and games developer specializing in narrative design at Riot Games

 Carlota Salvador Megias – PhD candidate in philosophy at the University of Bergen and jam host

 David Stern – professor of philosophy at the University of Iowa and creator of the University of Iowa Tractatus map

 El Toon – writer and TTRPG creator

Reach us at critcreaphil [at] gmail [dot] com. Please feel free to share this CFP broadly! Additional information (FAQ, Rules, Resources) are available on our website below.

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