Scientific progress - individual and collective

August 24, 2022 - August 26, 2022
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam


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Scientific progress: individual and collective

The last years have brought a new wave of cross-disciplinary interest in research itself, often motivated by concerns about potential threats to scientific progress such as hyper-competition, fraud, questionable research practices, poor research documentation, publication bias, and insufficient cooperation within and between disciplines.

The goal of this seminar is to bring together recent work from epistemology and philosophy of science on scientific progress and meta-scientific perspectives from a broad range of areas like sociology, psychology, economics, complexity science, science studies and cultural and evolutionary anthropology, fostering an active exchange between disciplines and viewpoints.


The 3-day program is organized around three themes (see below) and comprises invited talks from an interdisciplinary group of international speakers, structured discussion rounds between participants, and poster sessions. In addition to substantive contributions, a central aim of the seminar is to examine concepts and assumptions that are relevant across fields. We will discuss differences in the conceptualisation of core notions such as (for example) progress, knowledge, publication bias, and their operationalisation in empirical studies and simulation models.

Theme 1: What is scientific progress?

Theme 2: From individual to collective knowledge generation – funding, peer review, publication process, citation, retraction, canonisation

Theme 3: The interplay of individual and collective in scientific progress – competition, cooperation, team science


The seminar will be held on location in Amsterdam (location t.b.a.).

Poster session

We invite abstract submissions (400 words max.) for posters on the three themes above.

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