The Fracturing Of World Order - A Series of International and Interdisciplinary Online Mini-Conferences

June 17, 2022
Department of Religious Studies, University of Denver, University of Denver

Sturm Hall 266
2199 S. Race St,
Denver 80208
United States

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The eruption of a major war in Europe that has gained global attention is only a symptom of seismic changes that have been taking place either out of sight or through inattention over the past decade. We may summarize these trends as the slow breakdown of the postwar neoliberal vision of “one world” through market-based economic integration, the universal expansion of democratic values and polities, participation by all countries in international governance and regulatory bodies, and a “rules-based” system of global competition as well as co-operation. As we all know, even if we tend to have divergent as well as polarized views on the subject, these globalist norms and ideas are frequently contradicted by the actual behavior of state and state-approved actors, let alone by the often hidden depths of hypocrisy and corruption which has furthered the unravelling of what passes for “world order”.

The aim of this mini-conferences is to challenge scholars, independent intellectuals, and more sophisticated policy-makers to confront the reality of, as well as boldly probe and dissect, the profound dysfunctions and invisible shifts that have been taking place and are taking place in a process that can be termed “deep globalization”, or what economic analyst Gary Bedford has termed “wild globalization”.

Ideologically informed polemics about narrow issues are discouraged. We are looking instead for multidisciplinary and multi-topical (if appropriate) discussions of a certain related topics in singular research papers or essays.

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June 16, 2022, 9:00am MST

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