Don't Know, Should Care - A Graduate Conference on Knowledge, Ignorance, and Moral Responsibility

July 7, 2022 - July 9, 2022
Department of Philosophy, University of Vienna

3B, NIG 3rd Floor
Universitätsstraße 7
Vienna 1010

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University of Vienna

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11th Vienna Forum for Analytic
Philosophy (WFAP) Graduate Conference:

Don’t know, should care

A Graduate Conference on Knowledge, Ignorance and Moral Responsibility

: July 7-9, 2022
Abstract deadline: April 1, 2022
Notification of success: End of May

Keynote Speakers:
Gunnar Björnsson (Stockholm University)
Lubomira Radoilska (University of Kent)
Jan Willem Wieland (VU University Amsterdam)

Most philosophers agree that in order to be morally responsible, an agent must be in a fitting epistemic state, they must in a way be aware of what they are doing. Recent debates however have shown that this so-called epistemic condition poses unique questions: What is the kind of awareness required for responsibility – is a mere belief sufficient, or do agents need to possess knowledge? Are there situations in which agents culpably lack awareness of their actions, and if so, how does such culpable ignorance influence their blameworthiness? Furthermore, philosophers have pointed out that the epistemic condition might lead to a sort of scepticism about moral responsibility, which has led some to reject the condition.
In addition to those theoretical questions concerning the connections between epistemic states and moral responsibility, the topic lends itself to more applied, political topics: To what degree are agents responsible for perpetuating discriminatory practices if they are not aware of their harmful nature? Is there a corresponding duty to inform oneself about potentially problematic aspects of one’s actions? Can societal shortcomings serve as mitigating circumstances for individual agents?

The Vienna Forum for Analytic Philosophy (WFAP) welcomes submissions of abstracts for its 11th annual graduate conference: Don’t know, should care – A Graduate Conference on Knowledge, Ignorance and Moral Responsibility. The conference will take place either virtually or in hybrid format from the 7th to the 9th of July.

We welcome submissions on any topic related to our theme including but not limited to:

  • The Epistemic Condition of Moral Responsibility
  • Culpable vs. Non-Culpable Ignorance
  • Moral Responsibility, Blameworthiness and their Relation
  • Epistemic Duties and Moral Responsibility
  • Social and Political Factors and Moral Responsibility
  • Mitigating Factors for Moral Responsibility

Submission information:
: Maximum 500 words, suitable for a 25-30min presentation (45min with discussion included)
Deadline: April 1, 2022
Submission: Please submit a suitably anonymized abstract to [email protected] with the subject line “WFAP2022 Abstract Submission”, along with a cover sheet containing your contact and institutional information.

We especially welcome and encourage submissions from members of under-represented groups in philosophy.

Covid statement: Due to the current situation, this time the conference will be held in a hybrid format. This means that both the speakers and the audience can decide individually whether they want to participate online via Zoom or in person. Of course, all covid-related measures will be observed at the event, such as wearing a mask, keeping your distance, showing a test or vaccination card (depending on what the rules will be at the time of the conference).


We look forward to your submissions.

The committee of the Vienna Forum for Analytic Philosophy

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