Wittgenstein and AI

July 29, 2022 - July 31, 2022
Faculty of Philosophy, New College of the Humanities

58 St Katharine’s Way
London E1W 1LP
United Kingdom

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  • Society for Applied Philosophy


Boston University
Oxford University (DPhil)
University of Aberdeen

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The New College of the Humanities (NCH) will host the 11th British Wittgenstein Society (BWS) Conference, on the theme of Wittgenstein and AI. The conference will be held in London, at the New College of the Humanities (Devon House), from the 29th to the 31st of July 2022.

The Conference will feature keynote addresses, invited symposia (on the topics indicated below), and contributed papers.

Invited Symposiasts: Invited Symposiasts include:  Diane Proudfoot (Philosophy of AI, University of Canterbury, NZ), Annette Zimmermann (Ethics of AI and Machine Learning, University of York and Carr Centre for Human Rights Policy at Harvard University), Joe DiCastro (Data Engineering and Data Visualisation Development), Simon Hewitt (Philosophy of Language, Logic and Mathematics, University of Leeds), David Kenyon (Research Historian, Bletchley Park),  Mark Martin (EdTech, New College of the Humanities), Tony Belpaeme (Cognitive Systems and Robotics, University of Ghent/ University of Plymouth), Vacláv Janeček (Digital Ethics, University of Bristol/ University of Oxford), Alois Pichler (Digital Humanities, University of Bergen), Paul Standish (Education, Practice and Society, University College London), Ioannis Votsis (Philosophy of Science, New College of the Humanities), Fintan Mallory (Philosophy of Linguistics, Cognitive Science and Language, University of Oslo), Elena Kochina (Natural Language Processing, Queen Mary University of London/ Alan Turing Institute), Serena Villata (Computational Argumentation, Université de Nice), Elmar Unnsteinsson (Philosophy of Language and Linguistics, University College Dublin), Barbara McGillivray (Computational Linguistics, King’s College London), Sandra Wachter (Ethics of AI, University of Oxford).

Keynote Speakers: We are pleased to announce that our keynote speakers are A. C. Grayling (Theory of Knowledge, Metaphysics and Logic, New College of the Humanities), Juliet Floyd (Philosophy of Logic and Mathematics, Boston University) and Paula Sweeney (Philosophy of AI, University of Aberdeen).


Symposium 1: Digital Humanities and Wittgenstein

Symposium 2: Online Language Games

Symposium 3: Wittgenstein, Logic and Computation

Symposium 4: Wittgenstein and Turing

Symposium 5: Wittgenstein, AI, and Education

Symposium 6: Wittgensteinian AI Governance

Symposium 7: Colour and AI

Symposium 8: Colour Hackathon!

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