Phenomenological Approaches to Physics: QBism and Phenomenology, Compared and Contrasted

June 8, 2022 - June 10, 2022
Linkoping University


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University of Graz
Linkoping University
Linkoping University

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Wednesday, June 8, 2022

09.15-09.30: Opening Address (Philipp Berghofer, Jan-Åke Larsson & Harald Wiltsche)

09.30-11.00: Christopher Fuchs (University of Massachusetts Boston): QBism, Where Next?

11.00-11.30: Coffee Break

11.30-12.30: Florian Boge (RWTH Aachen University): (Something like) Eidetic Variation as a Supplement to (some Version of) QBism

12.30-13.30: Arezoo Islami (San Francisco State University): Wigner, QBism and Phenomenology

13.30-15.00: Lunch

15.00-16.30: Thomas Ryckman (Stanford University): QBism: Realism about What?

16.30-17.00: Coffee Break

17.00-18.00:Mahdi Khalili(VU Amsterdam): From a Phenomenological Perspective to a Perspectival Realism

18.00-19.00: Nathaniel Burke (San Francisco State University): Constructive Empiricism and Husserl's World of Science

19.00: Dinner

Thursday, June 9, 2022

09.30-11.00: Rüdiger Schack (Royal Holloway, University of London): A QBist Reads Merleau-Ponty

11.00-11.30: Coffee Break

11.30-12.30: Delicia Kamins (Stony Brook University): Is Denying Objectivity a More Pragmatic Approach to Quantum Mechanics?

12.30-13.30: Tina Bilban (Institute Nova Revija): Bohr and Husserl visit the QBist Chambers

13.30-15.00: Lunch

15.00-16.30: Michel Bitbol (École Normale Supérieure):QBism: An Eco-Phenomenology for Quantum Mechanics

16.30-17.00: Coffee Break

17.00-18.00: Laura de la Tremblaye (University of Geneva): From William James to Husserl: reexamining philosophical implications of QBism

18.00-19.00: Philip Goyal (SUNY Albany): Informational Reconstruction of Quantum Theory, and its Implications for the Development of a Philosophical Understanding of Quantum Theory

19.00: Dinner

Friday, June 10, 2022

09.30-11.00: Jacques Pienaar(University of Massachusetts Boston): QBism and the Embodied Agent

11.00-11.30: Coffee Break

11.30-12.30 Kevin Mager (Loyola University Chicago): QBism and Perception’s Silent Thesis: An Attempt at a Phenomenological Grounds for Probability and Approximation

12.30-13.30: Moritz Kriegleder (University of Vienna): The Enactive Perspective of the QBism Hero

13.30-15.00: Lunch

15.00-16.30: Robert Crease (Stony Brook University):QBism and Philosophy of Science

16.30: Closing Address (Philipp Berghofer, Jan-Åke Larsson & Harald Wiltsche)

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