CFP: Models & Methods

Submission deadline: May 9, 2022

Conference date(s):
July 11, 2022 - July 15, 2022

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Conference Venue:

University of Vienna
Vienna, Austria

Topic areas


We’re pleased to announce the 2022 Summer School of the Vienna Doctoral School of Philosophy. Models & Methods is a five day school at the University of Vienna, taking place 11th-15th July covering a range of topics in the philosophy of science, philosophy of mathematics and formal approaches to philosophy. The school aims to bring together doctoral researchers and masters students interested in these areas and provide them with advanced masterclasses on the topics of Mathematical Explanation, Scientific Modeling and Knowledge Generation, Computational Methods in Philosophy, and Practice-based Philosophy of Science.

These four topics will be taught via four two-day courses by expert instructors who are leaders in their fields. Our instructors are:

  • Carolin Antos-Kuby & Mary Leng (Mathematical Explanation)
  • Julian Reiss & Johannes Lenhard (Scientific Modeling and Knowledge Generation)
  • Charles H. Pence & Samuli Reijula (Computational Methods)
  • Adrian Currie & Sophie Veigl (Practice-based Philosophy of Science)

Structure & Dates:

The Summer School runs from the 11th to the 15th of July

Participants must choose one of the following two courses, taking place on the 11th and 12th of July:

  • Mathematical Explanation
  • Scientific Modeling and Knowledge Generation

AND one of the following two courses, taking place on the 14th and 15th July:

  • Computational Methods
  • Practice-based Philosophy of Science

We will have a rest day on the 13th during which participants are encouraged to see the sights of Vienna.

The event is planned to take place in person.

We hope to be able to offer participants who fulfil all the course requirements 4 ECTS points. Participants will be expected to complete any assigned preparatory reading and actively engage in lectures and seminars, as well as complete any assessment set as part of the course.


We welcome applications from doctoral candidates and masters students working in philosophy and neighbouring disciplines.

To apply please send a short academic CV and a letter of motivation to gareth.pearce [at]  by the 9th of May. In the letter of motivation, please specify which courses you would be most interested in attending.

The summer school has an attendance fee of €300, however, this can be partially or entirely waived in cases of financial need. If you cannot have course fees reimbursed by your university or funding institution, we hope to be able to offer at least a partial fee waiver. If you are in need of a fee waiver, please indicate this in your application.

We may also be able to offer bursaries to help with travel and accommodation costs. Again, if you would like this support, please mention it in your application.


We actively welcome applications from members of disadvantaged or underrepresented groups in philosophy.

TW: Due to Austrian law, the University is required to use people’s legal names and the pronouns of their legal sex in registration and associated official correspondence, not their correct names or pronouns. The organizing committee strongly commits to an inclusive practice in our informal correspondence and for the event itself. We will refer to all participants via whichever names and pronouns you communicate to us.

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