Social (Distance) Epistemology Series


In order to enhance the sense of community among researchers in social epistemology during the period of the spread of COVID-19, the Social Epistemology Network is initiating a series of regular (weekly or bi-weekly) online "mini-event" meetings of one hour, held on Zoom, in which researchers from around the world give brief presentations of their social epistemology work-in-progress. We are calling this series the "Social (Distance) Epistemology" series. The meetings are on Fridays at 1:30 pm US Central Time. Information on how to submit an abstract, as well as on how to register to be in attendance, can be found on the Social Epistemology Network web site.

Info regarding abstract submissions is here:

Info regarding registration for attendance is here:

The organizers are Sanford Goldberg (Northwestern), Cat Saint-Croix (Minnesota), Branden Fitelson (Northeastern), Jenny Saul (Waterloo and Sheffield), Mark Walker (New Mexico State University), Dan Singer (Penn), Rima Basu (Claremont McKenna College), Teresa Blankmeyer Burke (Gaulladet), Breno Santos (Universidade Federal de Mato Grosso), Dennis Whitcombe (Western Washington University), Katharina Bernhard (St Andrews), and Chloe Wall (University of Otago).
April 3, 2020


Northwestern University