ReSES seminar series - Rethinking the Serviceability of Economics to Society


Rethinking the Serviceability of Economics to Society (ReSES) project aims to rethink the role of economics in society and how it can address the current and future challenges. The project is funded by the Finnish Cultural Foundation. It is hosted by the University of Helsinki and TINT - Centre for Philosophy of Social Sciences.

Future events:

25th August - Mary S. Morgan - Making Economic Concepts Fit for Public Action - Argumenta Distinguished Lecture
27th September - Hanna Ylöstalo - Feminism, economy, and political imagination. Discussant: Mattias Lehtinen
11st October - Edward Nik-Khah - California Dreamin’: Economists Become Expert Epistemologists for Platform Capitalism - ReSES ID Seminar
18th October - Geoff Hodgson - Explaining the origins and development of capitalism: the importance of historically specific institutions and exogenous shocks - Argumenta Distinguished Lecture
2nd November - Catherine Herfeld: Progress in economics. Discussant: Uskali Mäki - ReSES ID seminar
14-15th December - Homo Economicus - Uskali Mäki

How to join: See our website.

The future of humankind is shadowed by multiple crises. Economic science plays important roles in shaping society’s responses to these massive challenges. However, other scientists and the public have concerns about the capacity of economics to provide the required remedies. What to make of this?

ReSES aims at improving:
* The public understanding of the role of economics in policy making, its worldview and disciplinary conventions, its power and its limits;
* The capacity of economics to renew its agendas, contents and communication strategies to better fit with the new demands;
* The communication between economists, other scientists, experts, policy makers, and the general public.

What we do
In 2023–2024, we host and organise following events and series targeting multiple audiences including researchers, policy makers, NGOs, activists, students and the general public:
* Panel discussions
ReSES panel discussions address how economics can serve society better. They feature experts and practitioners from various disciplines who exchange their views and experiences on how economic concepts and policies shape our lives.
* ReSES Seminar for Interdisciplinary Dialogue (ReSES ID Seminar)
The aim of the ReSES ID Seminar is to facilitate interdisciplinary dialogue on the potentials and limits of economics as a policy science.
* Argumenta Distinguished Lectures
The Argumenta Distinguished Lectures are a series of public lectures delivered by renowned international scholars. The focus of the lectures is on the potentials and limits of economics as a policy science.

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January 1, 2023

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University of Helsinki

Sponsoring institution

TINT - Centre for Philosophy of Social Science, University of Helsinki