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-23 March 2021, 7 pm

Dr. Jonathan Chimakonam Okeke: "Overcoming the three Challenges of Intercultural Philosophy: A Conversational Approach"


In this talk, I will provide a conception of intercultural philosophy and contrast it with that of comparative philosophy. I will argue that whereas the goal of comparative philosophy is to ‘investigate the possibility of constructing a philosophical universal from cultural particulars’, that of intercultural philosophy should be to ‘open a collective vista, a path to new ideas informed by a realisation of mutual limitations in order to extend the frontiers of knowledge. I will identify three prominent challenges that confront an intercultural philosopher and demonstrate how they could be addressed through the approach of Conversational Thinking.

-27 April, 2021, 7pm

Prof. Dr. Jean-Christophe Goddard, "La pensée politique d’Eboussi Boulaga entre Amérique Latine et Afrique"

(In French with Q&A in English/French)
March 23, 2021

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University Tübingen

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Center for Interdisciplinary and Intercultural Studies, Universität Tübingen