Colloquium Biopoliticum


Colloquium Biopoliticum

Thursday 9th of December
14.30–17.00 EET (Helsinki time)

The Colloquium Biopoliticum is a periodic academic event during which researchers discuss work in progress and recent developments in the field of biopolitics. Particular attention is devoted to both historical and theoretical perspectives. Interdisciplinary approaches at the intersection of philosophy and other fields play a crucial role as well. The main aim of the Colloquium Biopoliticum is to foster international academic cooperation among scholars interested in research on biopolitics.


14.35–15.20 (EET): 
Sergei Prozorov (Jyväskylä): A Farewell to Homo Sacer: Sovereign Power and Bare Life in Agamben’s Coronavirus Commentary

Antonio Cimino (Radboud): Biopower, Biohistory, and Cultural Evolution

16.15–17.00 (EET): 
Jemima Repo (Newcastle): Social Reproduction and Settler Colonial Biopolitics: Reflections on Palestine

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December 9, 2021

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