CFP: Philosophical Issues of IT and Cyberspace

Submission deadline: May 31, 2013

Topic areas


The E-scientific journal “The Philosophical issues of IT and Cyberspace” is officially registered by the Federal Service for Supervision in the Sphere of Telecom, Information Technologies and Mass Communications (Certificate of registry of the mass media Эл № ФС77-50786). 

The journal is included in the Russian scientific citation index and is offered in the E-library. 

The first publication in 2010 was an articles collection. 

From 2012 it is the scientific journal. 

Publishing periodicity: once in 6 month (2 journals per year). 

The purposes of the e-scientific journal “The Philosophical issues of IT and Cyberspace”: 

  • To raise the level of the social sciences and humanities in the modern information society;
  • To deal with new questions of the philosophy of technology, social epistemology, cognitive sciences and artificial intelligence;
  • To carry on a dialogue in the sphere of the information technology, cyberspace theory, virtual world, artificial intelligence, cognitive sciences;
  • To involve promising scientists in the project work in the sphere of social sciences.

The main tasks of the E-scientific journal “The Philosophical issues of IT and Cyberspace” are: regular publications, information activities and support of full-text access to the articles. 

Scientific articles, short messages, reviews of the scientific events, articles reviews, and annotations will be published. All the materials which are proceeded to be published will be anonymously reviewed in advance. Authors will get mailings in which the reasons of refusal of publishing will be explained. 


  • Philosophy of Language;
  • Philosophy of Computing and Information;
  • Science, Logic and Mathematics;
  • Virtuality;
  • Philosophy of Mind;
  • Philosophy of AI & Cognitive Science;
  • Philosophy of Social Science;
  • Futurology.

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