CFP: Mind in Action: Expanding the concept of affordances (Philosophical Psychology)

Submission deadline: February 28, 2023

Topic areas


The purpose of this special issue is to motivate the analysis of novel applications of the concept of affordances to different fields and debates as well as exploring different alternatives types of affordances (social, affective, cognitive, and mental affordances) and their potential for informing a broader understanding of the human mind.

Sample research topics may include, but need not be limited to:

• Exploration of Different/Alternative Notions of the Concept of Affordance (Mental, Cognitive, Social, and Affective Affordances)
• Ontology and Phenomenology of Alternative Notions of Affordance
• Mental Action and Affordances
• Cognitive Phenomenology and Affordances
• Emotions and Affordances
• Social Cognition and Affordances
• Social World, Sociality, and Affordances
• Speech, Communication, and Affordances
• Psychopathology and Affordances
• Experimental Evidence and Affordances
• Practical Applications of Alternatives Notions of Affordance

Supporting material

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#affordances, #mind, #action