CFP: Special Issue of Analysis on Imagination

Submission deadline: May 15, 2023

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Call for Papers: Special Issue of Analysis on Imagination

The Editors of Analysis are pleased to announce the inaugural special issue of the journal, on the theme of imagination and guest edited by Alon Chasid (Bar-Ilan University) and Elvira Di Bona (University of Turin). Analysis, which was founded in 1933, is the most established and esteemed journal for short papers in philosophy. 

Imagination has recently garnered considerable attention in various fields of philosophy. Attempting to elucidate the mind’s functional organization or ‘architecture’, certain philosophers explore the relations between imagining and mental imagery on the one hand, and, imagination and other kinds of mental states such as perceptual states, beliefs, desires and emotions, on the other. Questions about the nature of works of fiction, pretense, mindreading and spontaneous daydreams have been reframed as questions about the nature and uses of imagination. Other discussions pertain to the question of whether we can learn from imagination or invoke it in justifying beliefs. Imagination is also invoked to explain phenomena such as self-deception, implicit bias, delusion, belief-discordant behavior, imaginative immersion, etc.

For this special issue we welcome papers on any topic related to the theme. The deadline for submissions is 15 May 2023; we aim to make decisions within 3 months after the deadline.

Submissions will be through the ScholarOne system and should conform to Analysis author guidelines, including the word limit of 4000 words (see In ScholarOne, please make sure to tick the box indicating that the submission is for a special issue, and on the cover page please include the words ‘submitted for the special issue on imagination’.  

All submissions will be refereed to maintain the high standards of Analysis

If you have any questions, please contact the guest editors [email protected]; [email protected] .

Stacie Friend, David Liggins and Lee Walters

Analysis Editors


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