CFP: Oxford Studies in Philosophy of Mind, Volume 5

Submission deadline: November 1, 2023

Topic areas


This is a call for paper for Volume 5 of Oxford Studies in Philosophy of Mind. Each volume of Oxford Studies in Philosophy of Mind features two highlighted themes but publishes also articles outside those themes. For Volume 5, the two highlighted themes are:

1) The Philosophy and Psychology of the Reactive Attitudes

2) Contact Points between Philosophy of Mind and Epistemology  

Invited contributors to Volume 5 include Alison Aitken, Michael Huemer, Zoe Jenkin, Krista Lawlor, Farid Masrour, Carlotta Pavese, James Pryor, and Monique Wonderly.  

Submissions should be sent to to [email protected]. The deadline for submissions is 1 November 2023; decisions will typically be taken within a fortnight, though typically will not include an accompanying report. We have no formatting or length requirements for submissions.

Supporting material

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