CFP: Varieties of Meaning and Content

Submission deadline: September 30, 2023

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Varieties of Meaning and Content

Guest editors:

Tadeusz Ciecierski (University of Warsaw)

Paweł Grabarczyk (IT Copenhagen & University of Łódź)

Maciej Sendłak (University of Warsaw)


Studia Semiotyczne

Deadline for submissions:

the 30th of June 2023


The theme of the topical collection revolves around the concepts of meaning and content in language and thinking. We are especially interested in papers addressing foundational philosophical questions and issues regarding the two notions. This includes (but is not restricted to) the issues such as: hyperintensionality, semantics and pragmatics of attitude reports, singular expressions, indexicals and demonstratives, semantics-pragmatics interface, theories of propositional contents, inferentialism and referentialism, varieties of pragmatic entailment, novel formal accounts of meaning and content.

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All submitted papers will be double-blind peer-reviewed.

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About the journal:

Studia Semiotyczne (Semiotic Studies) is a journal founded in 1970 by Jerzy Pelc, who was its Editor-in-Chief up until 2015. Between 1970 and 2015 Studia Semiotyczne was published non-periodically (during that period 29 volumes have been published). The list of authors who have published in Studia Semioryczne includes, among others: Izydora Dąmbska, Peter Thomas Geach, Jerzy Giedymin, Andrzej Grzegorczyk, Henryk Hiż, Jerzy Kalinowski, Leon Koj, Jerzy Kmita, Wiesław Kotański, Władysław Kunicki-Goldfinger, Jerzy Kuryłowicz, Wacław Mejbaum, Leszek Nowak, Chaim Perelman, Marian Przełęcki, Krzysztof Rotter, Thomas A. Sebeok, Barbara Stanosz, Władysław Tatarkiewicz and Mieczysław Wallis.

In December 2015 Studia Semiotyczne was transformed into a six-monthly publication simultaneously in print and on the Internet. Papers accepted for publication in the journal revolve around various aspects of semiotics (conceived in the Morris-Carnap sense) and philosophy. Papers submitted as articles are subject to a double blind peer review. English versions of some of them are additionally published in the open digital base Studia SemiotyczneEnglish Supplement. Studia Semiotyczne is published by The Polish Semiotic Society (Polskie Towarzystwo Semiotyczne).

The journal is present in Academica, BazHum, CEEOL, CEJSH, DOAJ, EBSCO Discovery Service, ERIH Plus, Index Copernicus, Library of Science, Philosopher’s Index, PhilPapers, Polona, Scopus and Web of Science.

The journal is also ranked by the following national agencies for scholarly evaluation:

- ANVUR (Italy): both as a scientific journal and as an A-Class (area 11)

- MEiN (Poland)

Studia Semiotyczne is an open-access journal.

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