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Submission deadline: July 15, 2013

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2014 is the 60th anniversary of the untimely death of the 20th century mathematican, codebreaker and early architecht of machine intelligence, Alan Matheson Turing. We wish to remember the mammoth contribution of Turing in his 41 years with a specific focus on his idea on emotion. This will be through a special edition of the International Journal of Synthetic Emotions (IJSE) in 2014.

Call for original papers:
Intention to submit: 15 July 2013
Deadline for full papers (8-10 pages) and short papers (4 pages max): 31 October 2013
Deadline for Book Reviews: 30 November 2013
Short letters welcome, deadline: 15 December 2013
Special Issue Guest Editor: Dr. Huma Shah
IJSE Editor-in-Chief: Professor Jordi Vallverdú


In his 1948 essay Intelligent Machinery Turing considered “the question as to whether it is possible for machinery to show intelligent behaviour” and recognised objections to the idea of intelligent machines “cannot be wholly ignored, because the idea of ‘intelligence’ is itself emotional rather than mathematical” (in Copeland, 2004: p. 411). Turing added:

“A great positive reason for believing in the possibility of making thinking machinery is the fact that it is possible to make machinery to imitate any small part of a man. That the microphone does this for the ear, and the television camera for the eye, are commonplaces.” (p. 420), and “The extent to which we regard something as behaving in an intelligent manner is determined as much by our own state of mind and training as by the properties of the object under consideration … with the same object therefore it is possible that one man would consider it as intelligent and another would not; the second man would have found out the rules of its behaviour”. (p. 431) - Was Turing right in dismissing the significance of emotion, or was he naïve in appreciating them?

Papers should consider Turing’s idea and respond with the latest research on emotion with respect to human and machine intelligence. Findings from neuroscience are also encouraged however. Information on IJSE paper format and submission can be found on IGI-Global website for here:
Please send all submissions to [email protected] by deadline
6 June 2013

A.M. Turing, “Intelligent Machinery”, 1948 in B.J. Copeland, The
Essential Turing: the ideas that gave birth to the Computer Age. Oxford:
Clarendon, 2004, pp.410–432

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