CFP: Philosophies: The Philosophy and Science of Martial Arts

Submission deadline: August 31, 2023

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Dear Colleagues,

The martial arts have been practiced for thousands of years and today mixed martial arts remains the fastest growing sport in the world. Yet, despite its current popularity and enduring cultural importance, relatively little scientific and philosophical research exists on martial arts. The purpose of this Special Issue of Philosophies is to contribute to the advancement of research in the philosophy and science of martial arts. I am delighted to invite you to submit your best empirical and theoretical work on martial arts to this Special Issue.

The goal for this Special Issue is to showcase exemplary work on martial arts from multiple disciplinary perspectives. For example, philosophers of mind and ethics may submit work on martial arts and the cultivation of virtues, and experimental philosophers and psychologists may submit work on the influence of martial arts on psychological well-being. Other topics of interest include the use of mental simulation during shadowboxing, flow experience during training or competition, weapons as extensions of the self, qualities of exemplary martial artists, the ethics and aesthetics of martial arts, and in general, what the study of martial arts may reveal about the nature of the human mind and human society. Integrative review articles, focused philosophical arguments, and original empirical research that is philosophically relevant will all be warmly received.

I look forward to receiving your contributions!

Dr. Adam M. Croom
Guest Editor, Philosophies

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