CFP: CFP Special Issue "Language, Mind and Computation in the Metaphors of Cognitive Sciences" In Technology and Language Journal

Submission deadline: September 5, 2023

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Language, Mind and Computation in the Metaphors of Cognitive Sciences (Guest editor: Pavel Baryshnikov)

Deadline: Sertember 5, 2023

Computational Models and Metaphors of the Mind.  Is the meaning of a text accessible to machine learning? Questions
like these have become ever more puzzling. Mind, behavior, and machine are configured differently at different times, in different research
programs. This concerns questions of intelligence, technology, and language: What is consciousness, is it possible to artificially reproduce it? What is a language in terms of information theory and data models? Can a language be expressive without ontology or semantics? How significant are shared features of brains and computers - e.g. neural networks -, how significant are the differences between human and machine intelligence, e.g. conceptual vs. statistical thinking? (guest editor: Pavel Baryshnikov)

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