Two Routes to the Emergence of Free Will

March 10, 2023
Master of Philosophy (MAP), Universitá della Svizzera Italiana

Room 1.2 FTL Building (USI west campus)
Via Buffi 13
Lugano 6900

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  • The SNF funded project, Quantum Indeterminacy


University of Toronto at Scarborough


Università Della Svizzera Italiana

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Metaphysical emergence couples cotemporal dependence on lower-level configurations and their features with higher-level distinctness and distinctive efficacy. In Wilson 2021, I defend the viability of two schemas for such emergence—one ‘Weak’ (compatible with physicalism), one ‘Strong’ (not so compatible)—and consider whether complex systems, ordinary objects, consciousness, and free will are either Weakly or Strongly emergent. Here I offer a precis of my lines of thought according to which there are good cases to be made that there is emergent free will of both Weak and Strong varieties.

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