Cornell Workshop on Mind & Value II: The Value of Perception and the Perception of Value

August 18, 2023 - August 20, 2023
Cornell University

United States

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Cornell University
University of Notre Dame
University of Rochester
University of California, Berkeley
University of Miami
Rhode Island College
University of Arizona
Cornell University
Cornell University
University of Texas at Austin
Brown University
Brandeis University
Cornell University


Cornell University
Rhode Island College

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Perception is a good thing. It puts us in contact with the world and allows us to better understand the things around us. This much seems obvious. But, in recent years, as in times past, philosophers have been exploring further connections between perception and value. This goes both ways. Some philosophers have focused on the value of perception -- why perception, and perceptual experience in particular, is valuable. Some philosophers have focused on, not the value of perception, but the perception of value -- how perceptual experience puts us in contact with value, including moral value, aesthetic value, and more. We hope to generate interest in both of these research programs, as well as explore potential connections between them, by inviting senior and junior scholars working in philosophy of mind and value theory to Cornell University for talks and discussion held on August 18-20, 2023. 

Scholars participating include: 

Christine Tappolet (U. of Montreal), Michelle Montague (UT Austin), Robert Audi (Notre Dame), Paul Audi (U. of Rochester), Earl Conee (U. of Rochester), Adam Pautz (Brown University), Umrao Sethi (Brandeis University), Elijah Chudnoff (Miami), Terry Horgan (Arizona), Olivia Bailey (University of California, Berkeley), Matt Duncan (Rhode Island College), Emad Atiq, Kate Manne, Julia Markovits, and Nicholas Silins (Cornell University)

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August 1, 2023, 9:00am EST

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