Mental Action and Attention

June 2, 2023
IFIKK, University of Oslo

Georg Morgenstiernes hus

This event is available both online and in-person


  • Faculty of Humanities
  • GOODATTENTION project (ERC Consolidator Grant 2020, grant agreement no. 101003208)


Tel Aviv University
Cambridge University
Stanford University
Carnegie Mellon University

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What is the role of attention in mental action? Is attention a mental action? Which kind of control do we exercise over mental actions? Can spontaneous mental processes be considered mental actions or are they only happening to the agent? These are just few of the questions that will be discussed in this workshop, which aims to reflect over the different ways in which attention can be involved in mental action. By considering the role of attention in different mental processes, we may gain insight into which of these should be classified as instances of mental agency versus mental happenings.

It will be possible to attend the workshop also on Zoom. Please contact francesca.secco(at) to receive the Zoom link.

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