CFP: RUDN Journal of Philosophy invites submissions for a special issue in 2024 devoted to Experimental Philosophy. Guest editors Natalia Zaitseva and Dmitry Zaitsev (Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia).

Submission deadline: June 15, 2024

Topic areas


With a plethora of interpretations thereof, the term “experimental philosophy sometimes implies very different philosophical projects. Some experimental philosophers believe that they advance traditions of analytical philosophy, while others emphasize methodological proximity of empirical natural science and phenomenology. They are all united by the conviction that further progress in studying consciousness, language, mind, reasoning, morality, and many other philosophical problems is associated with blending philosophy with experimental science. Not only does it just  presuppose the employment of traditional philosophical thought experiments or previously acquired empirical data, but the possibility of a direct contribution to the design of a genuine scientific experiment. Such an approach bears a number of methodological advantages and ultimately leads to the mutual enrichment of philosophy and cognitive sciences.

We tend towards an ultimately broad interpretation of experimental philosophy as an interdisciplinary field of research that combines traditional philosophical problems with empirical methods of solving them. The special issue’s remit includes (but is not limited to) the following subjects:

• Experimental philosophy of

ØConsciousness and Language;

ØEpistemology and Metaphysics;


ØEthics and Aesthetics;

ØReligion and Law.

• Experimental philosophy and Neuromorphic AI.

When deciding on publication, priority will be given to articles prepared on the basis of original research and/or suggesting a program of perspective research.

Papers should be written in English (up to 40,000 characters) and prepared for a blind review. We are looking forward to your submissions by 15 June 2024.  The publication timeline is November 2024.

Supporting material

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