Book Launch of "Emotional Self-Knowledge" (edited by A. Montes Sánchez and A. Salice)
Alba Montes Sánchez (University of Copenhagen), Alessandro Salice (University College, Cork), Ricardo Parellada, Genki UEMURA (Keio University), Alessandra Fussi (University of Pisa), Raffaele Rodogno (Aarhus University)

September 6, 2023, 2:00pm - 4:00pm
Department of Philosophy, University College Cork, Ireland

River Room
The Glucksman
Cork T12 V1WH


Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
University College, Cork

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The relation between self-knowledge and human emotions is an often emphasized, but poorly articulated one. While philosophers of emotion tend to give affectivity a central role in making us who we are, the philosophical literature on self-knowledge focuses overwhelmingly on cognitive states and doesn’t give a special place to the emotions. Traditionally, there has been little dialogue between both fields or with other philosophical traditions that have important contributions to make to this topic, such as phenomenology and Asian philosophy. Emotional Self-Knowledge remedies this situation by bringing together philosophers from the relevant fields to explore two related sets of questions: Firstly, do philosophers of emotion exaggerate the importance of our affective lives in making us who we are? Or is it philosophers of self-knowledge who misunderstand emotions? Secondly, what is the role of emotions in self-knowledge? What sort of self-knowledge can be secured by paying attention to our emotions? All in all, this volume fosters our understanding of two topics (self-knowledge and emotions) with rich but undertheorized connections, and it constitutes the first volume specifically devoted to the issue of affective self-knowledge. This group panel features an introduction by the editors, followed by brief presentations by the panellists, who will elaborate on the relationship between emotions and self-knowledge. Following these presentations, we will open the floor for a discussion with the audience.

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