Quantum Physics and Consciousness

September 18, 2013
University of Roma Tre


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Quantum Physics’ contribution to the idea of consciousness: a culturally in-between hypothesis

The seminar will take place on Sept. 18th, room “Ignazio Ambrogio” at the University of Roma Tre (Via del Valco San Paolo). Works will be opened at 9.30 a.m. according to the following schedule:

*Emilio Del Giudice*: Quantum Field Theory and the physics of living Matter. An hypothesis on psychic phenomena* *

*Mauro Bergonzi*: Consciousness and Identity into Indian Philosophy
*Massimo Marraffa*: Consciousness Remnants**

Each talk will last about 30 min. After the break, a 20 minutes clip from Amit Goswami’s video “The Quantum Activist” (http://www.quantumactivist.com/) will be shown. Next, a plenary discussion session will be opened by Michele Lucantoni (researcher for the *New
Humanities group*) and chaired by Domenico Fiormonte. The seminar will close around 1 p.m. Other participants to the discussion will be Paolo De Santis, Pier Luigi Luisi, Antonio Olivieri, Viola Padovani and all the members the *New Humanities*research group.

Thinking about a sort of high road to investigate the phenomenon of consciousness is an enterprise that constraints those willing to face, with reliance, the finitude. The tools of classical science show a natural fragility when approaching a reality that lacks of material precise extents. In this way, the attempt to find out the object of consciousness transforms what actually allows such an operation - the experience of being conscious,
which is also the objective of the study – into an organic and disembodied demonstration of any interest at all. The work of Amit Goswami and his interpretation of quantum mechanics seem to provide us with a revolutionary possibility for understanding and adequately theorizing the universe of human consciousness without renouncing to the methods of science corpus. Goswami’s speculations will be the starting point for a comparison between quantum physics, cognitive science and the great traditions of Eastern thought; these latter always engaged in developing rigorous paths of practices and reflections about the conscious existence. The protagonists of this new and unprecedented dialogue will be Emilio Del Giudice, Mauro Bergonzi and Massimo Marraffa.

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