Embodied Embedded Cognition and Psychiatry

September 24, 2013 - September 25, 2013
Radboud University Nijmegen


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About the workshop
Theories of embodied embedded cognition emphasize that cognitive processes and subjective experiences are structured by the dynamic interaction between brain, body and environment.The workshop explores what this implies for our understanding of psychiatric disorders.


September 24

09.45-10.00  Introduction (Dr. Leon de Bruin, RUN)
10.00-10.45  Prof. Dr. Dan Hutto (University of Hertfordshire, UK) “The Natural Origins of Content"
10.45-11.15  Drs. Katja Abramova (RUN) “Enactive language evolution"
11.15-11.30  break
11.30-12.00  Dr. Fred Keijzer (RUG) “Nervous systems and mindful bodies”
12.00-12.30  Drs. Ines Crespo (UvA) "The semantics of evaluative judgements: A case study for EEC?"
12.30-14.00  lunch
14.00-14.45  Dr. Julian Kiverstein (UvA) “Why mental illness is not in the head."
14.45-15.15  Drs. Josephine Lenssen (Dimence, VU) “Exploring the concept of continuity in Evan Thompson’s ‘Mind in Life’”
15.15-15.30  break
15.30-16.15  Dr. Erik Rietveld (UvA) “The landscape of affordances: Situating the embodied mind”
16.15-16.30  Prof. Dr. Marc Slors (RUN) in conclusion

September 25

10.00-10.45  Prof. Dr. Denny Borsboom (UvA) “Rethinking mental disorders: A network approach”
10.45-11.15  Dr. Rutger Goekoop (Parnassia-Bavo Groep Den haag) “Network theory and psychiatry: practical implications”
11.15-11.30  break
11.30-12.00  Dr. Annemarie Kalis (UU) “Discovering real patterns in psychopathology”
12.00-12.30  Dr. Derek Strijbos (Dimence, RUN) “A network approach to the Bio-Psycho-Social model”
12.30-14.00  lunch
14.00-14.45  Drs. Hannah van Loo (UMCG) & Prof. Dr. Jan-Willem Romeijn (RUG): “Comorbidity: fact or artifact?”
14.45-15.15  Drs. Sanneke de Haan (AMC) “Phenomenological effects of DBS treatment in OCD patients: an enactive rather than a neuro-reductionist model”
15.15-15.30  break
15.30-16.15  Prof. Dr. Erik Myin (Universiteit Antwerpen), Prof. Dr. Inez Germeys (Universiteit Maastricht) “From a sensorimotor account of perception to an interactive approach to psychopathology”
16.15-16.30  Prof. Dr. Gerrit Glas (Dimence, VU) in conclusion

24 September: Erasmusplein 1, Nijmegen (Erasmusgebouw RUN), zaal E.2.55/E.256
25 September: Heyendaalseweg 137, Nijmegen (Linneausgebouw RUN), zaal LIN 4

Attendance is free, but there are only a limited number of seats available. If you would like to participate, please send an e-mail to J. A. Gusman (jessegusman[at]student[dot]ru[dot]nl). Registration will be handled on a first-come, first-served basis.

Scientific organization:
Leon de Bruin, Marc Slors (Radboud University Nijmegen)
Derek Strijbos, Gerrit Glas (Dimence Institute of Mental Health)

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