Workshop of Sleep, Dreams, and Consciousness

November 9, 2023 - November 10, 2023
Lab Sueño y Memoria , Instituto Tecnológico de Buenos Aires

Lavardén 315
Buenos Aires C1437


  • Summer Seminars in Neuroscience and Philosophy (SSNAP)
  • International Brain Research Organization (IBRO)
  • Agencia Nacional de Promoción de la Investigación, el Desarrollo Tecnológico y la Innovación


National University of Córdoba (PhD)
San Francisco State University
Trent University


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The first Latin American meeting of Neuroscience & Philosophy will focus on the areas of Sleep, Dreams, and Consciousness research, and will take place on November 9th and 10th 2023 at the Instituto Tecnológico de Buenos Aires (ITBA) in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Thursday 9h November 

9 h Registration and welcome

9.30 h Carlos Montemayor (San Francisco State University, US): Memory, consciousness, and dreams.

10.30 h  Coffee break

11 h Pablo Bartffeld (Universidad Nacional de Córdoba / CONICET, Argentina): Consciousness markers in dynamic brain activity.
12 h Marina Trakas (Instituto de Investigaciones Filosóficas, CONICET / Lab Sueño y Memoria, ITBA, Argentina): Dream emotions: What are they? A first approximation to its nature.

13 h Lunch

14 h Camilo Miguel Signorelli (FNRS, Belgium / University of Oxford, UK): Are there theories of consciousness? The science of consciousness beyond neuroscience.
15 h Cecilia Forcato (Lab Sueño y Memoria, ITBA, Argentina): Can the mind "exit" the body? A neuroscientific perspective on out-of-body experiences.

16 h Coffee break

16.30 h Boyu Xie (McGill University, Canada): From the dream body to the visceral body - Towards a respiratory hermeneutics of sleeping and dreaming.
17 h Rocío Martinez Vivot (Universidad Católica Argentina / CONICET): Impact of a mindfulness-based school program on social relationships, emotional, attentional and physiological stress regulation in children presenting multiple adverse childhood experiences.
17.30 h Francisco Gallo (Lab Sueño y Memoria, ITBA, Argentina): Comparing dream content and structural differences in lucid dreams, out-of-body experiences, and non-lucid dreams.

18 h  Anna Ciaunica (Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal): (Un)real dreams : Space, time and self experiences in depersonalization.

Friday 10th November

9 h Felipe Beijamini (Universidade Federal da Fronteira Sul, Brazil): Sleep to solve creative problems and dream up your academic performance.
10 h Melanie Rosen (Trent University, Canada): Dreaming the unimaginable: Epistemically transformative experiences in sleep.

11 h Coffee break

11.30 h Patricia Agostino (Universidad Nacional de Quilmes / CONICET, Argentina): Role of the circadian clock in motivation for a reward.
12 h María Juliana Leone (Universidad Nacional de Quilmes / CONICET, Argentina): Chronobiology of education: Effects of school start times and chronotype on adolescents’ sleep and academic achievement.
12.30 h Carlos Francisco Arias (Universidad Nacional de San Luis, Argentina): The relationship between youth screen media use late at night, sleep-wake circadian rhythm changes in puberty, and academic performance.

13 h Lunch

14 h Ryan Daley (Gordon College, US): Memory and moral evaluations in the lab and beyond.

15 h Malena León (Universidad Nacional de Córdoba / CONICET, Argentina): Reconsidering the role of consciousness in artificial creativity.
15.30 h Verónica Piatti (Fundación Instituto Leloir / CONICET, Argentina):  Adult neurogenesis: A potential role updating everyday memories.
16 h Mariela Aguilera (Universidad Nacional de Córdoba / CONICET, Argentina): Animal's consciousness: An argument for an integrative account of spatial awareness.

16.30 h Poster session + Coffee break

18 h  Tony Cunningham (Harvard Medical School, US): The future of sleep, dreams, and emotional memory research.

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November 9, 2023, 9:00am ART

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