CFP: Reflecting on Free Will: Contemporary Debates in Philosophy

Submission deadline: August 31, 2024

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Belgrade Philosophical Annual

Institute for Philosophy, University of Belgrade

ISSN: 0353-3891


This special issue of the Belgrade Philosophical Annual (BPA) is devoted to philosophical inquiries into the expansive realm of the free will problem. We invite scholars from diverse philosophical backgrounds to contribute their original work on the multifaceted aspects of free will for potential inclusion in this prestigious issue of BPA. Submissions are encouraged to explore various dimensions of the free will problem, embracing a broad interpretation of the subject matter. Contributors are invited to delve into the nuances of the free will debate, offering novel perspectives, critiques, and advancements in our understanding of this fundamental philosophical inquiry.

Invited Contributions

Peter van Inwagen (University of Notre Dame)

Keith Lehrer (The University of Arizona)

Alfred Mele (Florida State University)

Saul Smilansky (University of Haifa)

Submission Deadline

August 31st 2024

All inquiries can be directed to the managing editor: [email protected]

General Notes

Submitted papers should be prepared for anonymous review. All other relevant information should be sent in a separate document containing the author’s name and affiliation, the title of the paper, short abstract of not more than 250 words, and 4-5 keywords. All documents should be in a *.doc, *.docx, or *.pdf format.

Submissions should not be longer than 10000 words, including notes.

Only those whose submissions have been accepted will receive notifications.

Belgrade Philosophical Annual is an open access journal published by the Institute for Philosophy, University of Belgrade, committed to the double-blind peer reviewing process. Previous issues of the journal, including previous special issues with downloadable papers and other relevant information, can be accessed at

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