Sound in Helsinki: A Philosophical and Scientific Workshop

March 19, 2024
University of Helsinki

Main Building, University of Helsinki

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This workshop investigates the multifaceted nature of sound, merging philosophical inquiry with empirical research. It questions the ontological status of sounds—whether they exist as physical phenomena, perceptual experiences, or abstract entities. It also examines if sounds reside at their source, within the medium they traverse, or are a product of auditory perception, and raises the question of how sounds influence our perception of the environment and interact with our other senses, especially sight. Moreover, the workshop discusses the unique role of speech in bridging sound with meaning.


Błażej Skrzypulec (Jagiellonian University, Institute of Philosophy)

Elvira Di Bona (University of Turin)

Keith Wilson (University College Dublin)

Martti Vainio (University of Helsinki)

Matthew Nudds (University of Warwick)

Valtteri Arstila (University of Turku)

Alex Carruth (University of Helsinki)


There is no fee, but due to space limitations registration is required.


Alex Carruth, University of Helsinki

Valtteri Arstila, University of Turku


Main sponsor is Research Council of Finland profiling action: Profi5 Mind and Matter.

Also supported by Research Council of Finland project: Temporality in Predictive Processing

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March 15, 2024, 8:00pm EET

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