AISoLA, Conference Track Responsible and Trusted AI: An Interdisciplinary Perspective,

October 30, 2024 - November 3, 2024

Aldemar Knossos Royal
Limenas Hersonissou
Irákleion 700 14


German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence
Universität des Saarlandes
Ruhr-Universität Bochum
Dortmund University
TU Dortmund

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AISoLA, Conference Track Responsible and Trusted AI: An Interdisciplinary Perspective, Crete, Greece, Oct. 30 - Nov. 03, 2024.

As AI systems continue to permeate various sectors and aspects of our lives, it is crucial to ensure their responsible development and use. This raises a variety of questions that go beyond purely technical aspects.

Following the successful introduction of a similar track at AISoLA 2023, this interdisciplinary conference track aims to bring together research from a broad range of fields to tackle these questions. Researchers from philosophy, law, psychology, economics, sociology, political science, and other relevant fields, including informatics, are welcome to share their recent research and to explore the societal implications of developing and employing AI systems.

The topics of interest include but are not limited to:

  • The clear analysis of terms like "trustworthy AI", "trusted AI", "responsible AI" and similar buzzwords.
  • Identifying and balancing the (individual and societal) benefits and risks of AI systems
  • Ethical design and value alignment of AI systems
  • Addressing AI-related fears, misconceptions, and biases
  • Understanding the legal consequences of using AI systems
  • Robust legal frameworks to support responsible AI adoption, including methods for and challenges to compliance with the future EU AI Act
  • Assessing the impact of AI on the labor market and workforce
  • AI for social good: opportunities and challenges in driving economic growth and addressing societal issues
  • (Attribution of) responsibility and accountability in AI contexts
  • The role of human oversight in AI decision-making
  • Legal responsibility (e.g. civil liability) in case of malfunctioning AI systems
  • Ownership and authorship in context of generative AI
  • Intellectual property rights, copyright, and revenue sharing for AI-created works
  • The impact of AI on education, grading, and academic integrity
  • Bias, discrimination, and algorithmic fairness: from detection to mitigation
  • The role of transparency, explainability, and traceability in societal risk mitigation
  • Holistic Assessment of AI models
  • Evaluating AI models within larger decision contexts regarding acceptability, trustworthiness, and trust.
  • Evaluating normative choices in AI system design and deployment

By exploring these topics, this track will contribute to a deeper and more holistic understanding of AI and its societal implications. It aims to promote the interdisciplinary debate surrounding the development of responsible, justifiedly (or appropriately) trusted, and beneficial AI technologies while addressing the general societal challenges they pose in real-world applications.

The track is part of the conference AISoLA, which provides an open forum for discussions about recent progress in machine learning and its implications. AISoLA invites researchers with different backgrounds like computer science, philosophy, psychology, law, economics, and social studies to participate in an interdisciplinary exchange of ideas and to establish new collaborations.

Conference date: Oct. 30 - Nov. 03, 2024.

Conference venue:ALDEMAR KNOSSOS ROYAL,Crete, Greece. 

There will be an additional conference fee. We plan to make available scholarships for some speakers. Further information on these points will be made available when we have it.

Conference website:

Submitting a Paper or Abstract

If you would like to contribute to the proceedings, please submit a paper (full paper: 12-15 pages; short paper: 6-11 pages).

Submission Deadline: 20.05.2024

If you would like to contribute to the post-proceedings, submit a 500 word abstract. Submission Deadline: 29.07.2024

Further details:

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Track Organizers

Kevin Baum (German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence), Thorsten Helfer (Saarland University), Markus Langer (University of Freiburg), Eva Schmidt (TU Dortmund), Andreas Sesing-Wagenpfeil (Saarland University).

Program Committee

Lena Kästner (University of Bayreuth), Sara Mann (TU Dortmund), Timo Speith (University of Bayreuth), Sarah Sterz (Saarland University)

For questions, please [email protected]

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