PhiVis: Philosophy of Vision Science

May 21, 2024
Vision Sciences Society

TradeWinds Island Grand Resort
Saint Pete Beach
United States

This event is available both online and in-person


  • York University: Department of Philosophy, Centre for Vision Research, Connected Minds, Vision: Science to Applications (VISTA)
  • Johns Hopkins: The Vision Sciences Group, William H. Miller III Department of Philosophy


Stanford University
Johns Hopkins University
Dartmouth College


Johns Hopkins University
York University

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Recent years have seen a resurgence of interest in the intersection between vision science and the philosophy of perception. But opportunities for conversation between vision scientists and philosophers are still hard to come by. The phiVis: Philosophy of Vision Science workshop is a forum for promoting and expanding this interdisciplinary dialogue. Philosophers of perception can capitalize on the experimental knowledge of working vision scientists, while vision scientists will have an opportunity to connect their research to longstanding philosophical questions. The workshop will feature short talks by philosophers of perception that engage with the latest research in vision science, followed by prepared comments by vision scientists, on topics such as visual awareness, representational alignment, color vision, and more.

This year's event will take place on Tuesday, May 21, from 12:30pm-2:30pm ET, and will be held onsite at the annual meeting of the Vision Sciences Society (in the Banyan/Citrus Room at the TradeWinds Island Grand Resort in St Pete Beach, FL). The in-person event is open to registered VSS attendees; a limited number of non-VSS-attendees may also attend virtually. The event will feature the following talks:

Ian Phillips (Johns Hopkins) | From Inattentional Blindness to Blindsight: Why Degraded Awareness (Not Unconscious Perception) Should Be Our Default Hypothesis
with comments by Jeremy Wolfe (Harvard)

Rosa Cao (Stanford) | Comparing Brains and Models: What Matters for Similarity?
with comments by Talia Konkle (Harvard)

Tiina Rosenqvist (Dartmouth) | Seeing with Color: Psychophysics and the Function of Color Vision
with comments by Bevil Conway (NIH)

There will also be a more informal gathering at the Demo Night BBQ; find our table there for wine and good company.

You can learn more about the phiVis workshop at our website — — and also in the attached flyer.

Registration is free, though we ask that you please formally sign up to attend through the registration links on the workshop's website.

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May 20, 2024, 12:00pm EST

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