Cognitive Futures in the Humanities

April 24, 2014 - April 26, 2014
Durham University

United Kingdom

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Vyvyan Evans
University of Wales, Bangor
Alan Palmer
Alan Richardson
University of British Columbia
Mark Rowlands
University of Miami
Patricia Waugh

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Keynote speakers: Alan Richardson, Alan Palmer, Patricia Waugh,
David Herman, Mark Rowlands, Vyvyan Evans

·   Roundtable on interdisciplinarity with Ellen Spolsky, Mark Turner
and Michael Wheeler

·    5 special thematic conference threads on e.g. Extended Mind

·    Conference banquet in Durham Castle

The purpose is to explore, and critically evaluate, new ways of working in
the arts and humanities that respond to concepts developed in the sciences
of mind and brain. It will be an interdisciplinary conference for
researchers from the cognitive sciences, philosophy, literary studies,
linguistics, narratology, cultural studies, critical theory, film,
performance studies, and beyond. The aim is to identify how the ‘cognitive
humanities’ can emerge as a dynamic and critical field of enquiry.

Topics relevant to the conference include (but are not limited to):

  • Cognitive neuroscience and the arts
  • Language, meaning and cognitive processing
  • Embodied cognition
  • Phenomenology of technologies
  • Cognitive poetics and interpretation
  • Social minds
  • Theory of mind and mind-blindness
  • The Bayesian brain
  • Conceptual blending and creativity
  • Empirical aesthetics
  • Extended cognition Ideology and the cognitive sciences
  • Cognitive approaches to visual culture
  • Thinking and feeling in narrative
  • Cognitive historicism
  • Animal consciousness and perspective
  • Objects, artifacts and print culture

Please direct any queries to the conference organiser, Dr Peter Garratt
([email protected]).

Further details about the Cognitive Futures network, project team, steering
group, and past events can be found on the project site,

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