Varieties of Shared Intentionality

December 2, 2013 - December 3, 2013
Institute of Philosophy

Senate House
United Kingdom

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Human beings are social beings that can think and act both as individuals
and also jointly as members of larger social groups.  We find shared
intentionality whenever an individual experiences, thinks or acts jointly
with other members of a group.  What does it mean for two or more
individuals to jointly possess an intentional state such as an evaluative
attitude or an intention?  What types of social cognitive capacities does
shared intentionality depend upon?  What is the relationship between
intersubjective, plural modes of experience and first-person singular modes
of experience?  What is the role of shared intentionality in the development
of normativity?   This interdisciplinary workshop brings together
psychologists and philosophers to investigate these and other questions
concerning the nature of shared intentionality.

The workshop is a networking meeting that brings together researchers from
the European Science Foundation, Eurocores Project Understanding and
Misunderstanding: Cognition, Culture and Communication.  We are very
grateful to the ESF for generous financial support, and to the Institute of
Philosophy, London for organisational support and for agreeing to host this

Monday 2nd December
9-9.30          Registration and Welcome

9.30-10-30      Stephen Butterfill (Warwick)
Varieties of Joint Action.

10.30-11.30     Mattia Gallotti (Columbia)
Individualism and the We-mode.
11.30-12.00     Break

12.00-13.00     Glenda Satne (Copenhagen)
Knowing Others by Doing Things Together.

13.00-14.30     Lunch

14.30-15.30     Hans Bernhard Schmid (Basel)
Plural Self-Awareness.

15.30-16.00     Break

16.00-17.00     Dan Zahavi (Copenhagen)
You, Me and We: the Sharing of Experiences.

17.00-18.00     Philippe Rochat (Emory)
I, We and They in Early Development.

Tuesday 3rd December
9.30-10.30      Teresa Marques (Lisbon)
Shared Desires

10.30-11.30     Jonas Åkerman (Stokholm)
Subjectivist Metasemantics for Indexicals and Perspectival Communication.

11.30-12.00     Break
12.00-13.00     Julian Kiverstein (Amsterdam) & Andreas Roepstorff(Aarhus)
Coordination as Sign of Common Ground.

13.00-14.30     Lunch
14.30-15.30     Hannes Rakoczy (Göttingen)
The Early Ontogeny of Social Ontology.

15.30-16.00     Break

16.00-17.00     Johannes Brandl (Salzburg)
The Conventional/Normative Distinction: Easy for Children, Hard for Us.

17.00-18.00     John Michael (Copenhagen/CEU, Budapest)
The Sense of Commitment.

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