CFP: Essay Prize: Panpsychism and the Divine Mind

Submission deadline: September 30, 2024

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CFP: Essay Prize: Panpsychism and the Divine Mind

Submissions are welcome for an essay prize on the connections between panpsychism and pan(en)theistic models of God that is part of the John Templeton Foundation funded project, “Panpsychism and Pan(en)theism: Philosophy of Mind Meets Philosophy of Religion,” led by Philip Goff (Durham University) and Andrei A. Buckareff (Marist College) (information about the project can be found here: We welcome submissions that defend or critique the usefulness of a panpsychist (understood broadly to include both micropsychism and cosmopsychism as well as panprotopsychism) framework for developing a pantheistic or panentheistic metaphysic of the divine. We also welcome submissions that focus on the relationship between panpsychism and pantheism/panentheism in the history of philosophy. Submissions may be single-authored or co-authored.

The winning submission will appear in a special issue of Religious Studies and will be made available open-access. Additionally, the author(s) of the prize will be awarded £1000.

Submissions should be no longer than 8000 words (including notes and references). Authors should prepare their submissions for blind review and include a cover sheet with an abstract (150 words maximum), their name, institutional affiliation (if they have one), and contact information.

The deadline for submissions is the 30th of September 2024. The winner will be announced later in the autumn of 2024. Submissions should be sent with “Panpsychism and Pan(en)theism Essay Submission” in the subject line to .

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