Is there a phenomenology of unconsciousness?

February 19, 2014 - February 21, 2014
French Embassy in Ireland, University College, Dublin

Newman House, University College Dublin


Dorothée Legrand
CNRS, ENS, Husserl-Archives, Paris
Dylan Trigg
University College Dublin

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What does it mean to be oneself? When considering this issue, two approaches
are unavoidable, as they both devote their investigations to the question of
who one is, in one’s singularity. On the one hand, phenomenology defines the
subject in terms of one’s conscious experience; on the other hand,
psychoanalysis roots the subject in the unconscious. Across this rough
divide, these two conceptualizations of the subject appear as
irreconcilable. Nonetheless, it is precisely this irreconcilability that we
aim at interrogating during this conference.
Is unconsciousness beyond phenomenal experience?
Is unconsciousness beyond phenomenological investigation?

Joseph Cohen (UCD, Dublin)
Dorothée Legrand (CNRS, Husserl-Archives, ENS, Paris)
Dieter Lohmar (Husserl-Archives, Köln)
Tim Mooney (UCD, Dublin)
Dermot Moran (UCD, Dublin)
Emmanuel de Saint-Aubert (CNRS, Husserl-Archives, ENS, Paris)
Alexander Schnell (Sorbonne, Paris)
Dylan Trigg (UCD, Dublin)

With the financial support of
Ecole Normale Supérieure, Archives Husserl, Paris (Dominique Pradelle)
French Embassy in Ireland (Hadrian Laroche)
University College Dublin (Dermot Moran)

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