Naturalism, the First Person Perspective and the Embodied Mind

June 3, 2014 - June 5, 2014
PERSONA, CeSEP, CRESA and CRISI of the Faculty of Philosophy, San Raffaele University

Via Olgettina 58
Milano 20132

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Lynne Baker
University of Massachusetts, Amherst

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Lynne Baker’s Challenge: Metaphysical and Practical Approaches

“If there is an impersonal conception of the world that includes all the individuals and all their properties, then we have the ingredients of all facts about every individual. How, then, is there a place for the putative fact that some particular person is me?” (Lynne Baker, 2013)

“Intellectualism and empiricism do not give us any account of the human experience of the world: they tell us what God might think about it” (Maurice Merleau Ponty, 1945)

Speakers (provisional list)

Keynote Speaker
Lynne Baker, Distinguished Professor of Philosophy, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, USA

Invited Speakers
Dermot Moran, Philosophy (Metaphysics and Logic), School of Philosophy, University College Dublin
Michael Pauen, Philosophy of Mind, Humboldt University and Berlin School of Mind and Brain, Berlin
Rev. Katherine  Sonderegger, Theology, Virginia Theological Seminary
Mario De Caro, Moral Philosophy, University of Roma Tre and Tufts University, Massachusetts
Massimo Reichlin, Applied and Philosophical Ethics, San Raffaele University, Milan
Michele Di Francesco, Philosophy of Mind, IUSS Pavia and San Raffaele University
Roberta De Monticelli, Philosophy of Personhood, San Raffaele University

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