Music and Dance as Multisensory Perception
Frank Pollick (Glasgow University)

February 20, 2014, 5:00pm - 7:00pm
Institute of Philosophy, University of London

Room 243
Senate House
United Kingdom

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Thurs 20 Feb, 5.00pm IP CenSes Seminar: Room 243, Senate House, second floor, WC1
Frank Pollick (Glasgow)
Music and Dance as Multisensory Perception

I will present the results of five separate experiments where we have explored brain activity revealed by fMRI while participants watched videos of a dance performance.  These performances varied in dance style (Bharatanatyam, ballet, contemporary), audio content, number of dancers and degree of video editing.   Analysis of the data was obtained using Intersubject correlation (ISC), a technique which indicates the brain areas that have correlated activity among a group of observers and reveals how brain activity is time-locked to sensory stimulation.  A review of these results shows the core areas related to watching dance and how the brain network showing ISC is enhanced and extended when dance is accompanied by sound or video editing. .

Part of the Rethinking the Senses Project, funded by the AHRC.

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