Conscious Thought and Thought about Consciousness

April 27, 2014 - April 30, 2014
Department of Philosophy and Religion, University of Mississippi

689 Grove Loop
University 38677
United States


  • University of Mississippi, Psychology
  • Mississippi State University, Philosophy and Religion
  • Mississippi Humanities Council
  • Mississippi Philosophical Association


Torin Alter
University of Alabama
Murat Aydede
University of British Columbia
Katalin Balog
Rutgers University - Campus at Newark
David Beisecker
University of Nevada, Las Vegas
John Bickle
Mississippi State University
Berit Brogaard
University of Missouri St. Louis
New York University
Ellen Fridland
King's College London
Shaun Gallagher
University of Memphis
Rocco Gennaro
University of Southern Indiana
Brie Gertler
University of Virginia
Güven Güzeldere
Harvard University
Terry Horgan
University of Arizona
Janet Levin
University of Southern California
Farid Masrour
Harvard University
Michelle Montague
University of Texas at Austin
David Papineau
King's College London
John Perry
Stanford University
Thomas Polger
University of Cincinnati
Paul Skokowski
Stanford University
Galen Strawson
University of Reading/University of Texas
Kenneth Sufka
University of Mississippi, Psychology
John Tienson
University of Memphis
Michael Tye
University of Texas at Austin
Neil Van Leeuwen
Georgia State University
Donovan Wishon
University of Mississippi

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