Early Career Scholars Conference in Philosophy of Psychiatry​: Overcoming Mind-Brain Dualism in 21st Century Medicine

November 21, 2014 - November 22, 2014
Center for Philosophy of Science, University of Pittsburgh

United States

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Jennifer Radden
University of Massachusetts, Boston
John Sadler
University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center

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The goal of this conference is to address the crisis in psychiatric research
and treatment by exploring the ways in which the mind-brain dualism can be
overcome in contemporary psychiatry.  Eight papers by early career scholars
(graduate students, postdocs, and untenured faculty) will be commented on by
senior philosophers who have expertise in philosophy of science, philosophy
of neuroscience, or philosophy of medicine.

Organizing Committee: William Bechtel, Trey Boone, Mazviita Chirimuuta,
Peter Machamer, Edouard Machery, Kenneth Schaffner, Kathryn Tabb, and Serife

Keynote speakers:
Jennifer Radden, PhD (Professor Emerita of Philosophy, University of
Massachusetts, Boston).
John Sadler, MD (Professor of Psychiatry and Clinical Services, University
of Texas Southwestern).

Mazviita Chirimuuta (University of Pittsburgh)
Peter Machamer (University of Pittsburgh)
Edouard Machery (University of Pittsburgh)
Kenneth F. Schaffner (University of Pittsburgh)
Jacqueline Sullivan (Western University)
Jonathan Tsou (Iowa State University)

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