Fifth International Colloquium on the Philosophy of Technology

September 22, 2014 - September 24, 2014
Philosophy of Technology Program, Argentine Society for Philosophical Analysis

Universidad Abierta Interamericana
951 San Juan Avenue
Buenos Aires

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Fifth International Colloquium on the Philosophy of Technology

Artefacts and material cultures.

22, 23 and 24 of September, 2014. Buenos Aires, Argentina

Venue of the meeting: Inter-American Open University (UAI), 951 San Juan Avenue, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Sponsored and organized by:

* Philosophy of Technology Program, Argentine Society of Philosophical Analysis.

* Project “Epistemology of Artifacts: Affordances, practical knowledge and epistemic artefacts.” Ministry of Science and Innovation (Spain), and Autonomous University of Madrid.

* Project “Technical objects and technified organisms. Philosophical, aesthetic and political reflections.” CiFFyH (Research Centre of the Faculty of Philosophy and Humanities) and FAMAF (Faculty of Mathematics , Astronomy and Physics), Córdoba University (Argentina).

* Philosophy of Technology Program, Bariloche Foundation (Argentina)

----- CALL FOR PAPERS -----

The philosophy of technology encompasses a complex of objects and problems across metaphysics, epistemology, politics and philosophical anthropology, as well as the study of culture and society.

Artifacts are the basic building blocks of our material culture. They are nodes of intersection in the practices that actualize our intentional and rational action. We engage with artifacts in the interior of practices that are, in turn, already articulated in technological worlds and meaningful life-forms. Only recently, the philosophy of technology has begun to consider the artificial world from this point of view.

The Fifth International Colloquium on the Philosophy of Technology aims to contribute to this ongoing project, while establishing itself as a forum of dialogue between two philosophical traditions: the analytic and Continental, which for various reasons have remained isolated. Under the title of this meeting, Artifacts and Material Culture, we aim to bring together papers analyzing key concepts in contemporary debates concerning technology, opening new avenues of inquiry within the discipline, and contributing to the growth and collaborative links between researchers dedicated to the analysis of this phenomenon.

We call for 30-minute papers. Presentations on the following topics will be accepted, although we will consider any proposal within the field of philosophy of technology:

- The metaphysics of the artificial world.
- Epistemology of technical phenomena
- Norms and technology
- Phenomenology of the technical world
- Technical world and posthumanism
- Technology and politics
- Technical world and the anthropology of material culture
- Technology and art

* Proposals for papers should be sent to the following email address: [email protected], with two attachments (doc, pdf, rtf, odt, or compatible) containing:

(1) An extended abstract of about 2000 words, stating the title of the presentation and the argument. This should describe the problem addressed, the main thesis and bibliography.

(2) Details of the author: name, institutional affiliation, and email address.

* The name and institutional affiliation of the author must appear only in the second document. Abstracts received will be blindly refereed by experts appointed by the organizing committee. The latter reserves the right to request the full paper, if necessary.

* Deadline for receipt of abstracts: July 31, 2014.

* Date of notification of acceptance / rejection : August 20, 2014. Note: Foreign visitors who must present documentation of travel funding by a given deadline can request an early assessment of their presentation.

Academic Committee:

Diego Lawler (CONICET-IIF/SADAF, Argentina), Jesus Vega Encabo (Univ. Autónoma Madrid, Spain), Diego Parente (CONICET- UNMdP, Argentina) Andrés Vaccari (Macquarie University, Australia / Bariloche Foundation, Argentina), Andrés Crelier (CONICET- UNMdP, Argentina); Javier Blanco (Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, Argentina); Mario Osella (National University of Rio Cuarto, Argentina); Agustin Berti (National University of Córdoba, Argentina).

For more information see the website :

or contact us at the following address:
[email protected]

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