CFP: Journal of Experimental and Theoretical AI: Mind and Paradox

Submission deadline: July 1, 2012

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Philosophers, cognitive scientists, and other researchers are invited to submit papers for the special issue on Mind and Paradox to be published in the Journal of Experimental and Theoretical AI.  The due date is July 1, 2012.

The special issue is based on this question: "How are minds related to paradox, in general, and the known paradoxes, specifically?" The gamut is fair game. Certainly, the mind plays a crucial role in recognizing paradoxes, but what role, if any, does the mind play in creating paradoxes?  Are paradoxes in some sense mind-dependent? Or are paradoxes objectively real, existing independently of mind? Is mind itself paradoxical? For example, are concepts and conceptualization paradoxical?  Could consciousness be paradoxical, perhaps in seeming to be both physical and nonphysical?  The paradoxes
considered can come from anywhere, and needn't be restricted to logic, mathematics, or philosophy (e.g., the paradoxes of physics are also fair game).  Of course, topics and issues not included here may also be appropriate.

Questions can emailed to Eric Dietrich, Paradox and Mind Editor, at [email protected].  This is also where the submissions should be sent.

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