Self-Awareness and Subjectivity in Consciousness: Buddhist and Contemporary Philosophical Perspectives

April 10, 2014
Department of Philosophy, Department of History, Asian Studies Interdisciplinary Program, Marquette University

Raynor Memorial Library, Beaumier Suite A
Marquette University, 1355 W. Wisconsin Ave
Milwaukee 53201
United States


  • Klingler School of Arts and Sciences, Marquette University


Dan Arnold
University of Chicago
Christian Coseru
College of Charleston
Matthew Mackenzie
Colorado State University


Bronwyn Finnigan
Marquette University
Michael Wert
Marquette University

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This workshop will focus on the nature of self-awareness and subjectivity in Buddhist philosophies of mind in dialogue with contemporary philosophical perspectives and some recent developments in cognitive science.

Invited speakers: Associate Professors Dan Arnold, Christian Coseru, and Matthew MacKenzie

Presentations will be accompanied by commentaries by Bronwyn Finnigan, Jered Janes and Nicholas Oschmann from the Philosophy Department at Marquette University.

Light refreshments will be provided.

For further information, please contact Bronwyn Finnigan (Department of Philosophy, Marquette University) or Michael Wert (Department of History, Marquette University).

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