Common Minds

June 18, 2014
University College Dublin


Keynote speakers:

Philip Pettit
Princeton University

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Common Minds

A Workshop with Philip Pettit



School of Philosophy, University College Dublin

June 18, 2014

Newman House

85-86 St Stephen’s Green, Dublin 2

11.00 -11.10: Welcome Address

11. 10- 12.30: Philip Pettit (Princeton University/ANU)

“Three Issues in Social Ontology”

12.30- 1.30: Meredith Plug (Trinity College Dublin)

“Autism and Rules of Thought”

13,30- 15,00: Lunch

15. 00- 16.00: Thomas Szanto (University of Copenhagen)

“Collective Distrust and Distrust in Collectives”

16-00.17.00: Fred Cummins (University College Dublin)

 “Voices and Subjects: The Case of Collective Speech”

17.00-17.15: Coffee break

17.15 -18.15: Paul Egré (Institut Jean Nicod) and Cathal O’Madagain (Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology)

“Whose Words are Best? Linguistic Deference and Concept Formation”

18.15 – 19.15: Victoria McGeer (Princeton University/ANU)

“Mind-making practices: the social infrastructure of psychological capacity”

Organisers: Maria Baghramian, Iseult Honohan, Marta Jorba.

Registration is required. Contact person[email protected]

The project Common Minds is supported by UCD Seed Funding, UCD College of Human Sciences, and the School of Philosophy and it is part of the Project on Consciousness, Cognition and the Embodied Mind.

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