Emotion and Perception

November 8, 2012 - November 10, 2012
Universität Tübingen

Forum Scientiarum
Doblerstrasse 33


Sabine Döring
Universität Tübingen
Anika Lutz
Universität Tübingen

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In modern theory of emotion the claim that emotions are analogous to perceptions or even a special form of perception is widespread. Emotions and perceptions are said to share important aspects: they both essentially have a phenomenal aspect, they persist in the light of better knowledge and they seem to occupy similar epistemic roles – as perceptions give us access to descriptive features of our environment and justify perceptual judgments, emotions seem to help us to “see” what is of import or value or even what is the right thing to do and justify the corresponding evaluative judgments. However, emotions and perceptions also differ in important aspects as Ronald de Sousa already noticed. The most obvious difference is the absence of sensory organs in the case of the emotions and of course, there are even more sophisticated and threatening disanalogies – one has not to look far for criticism. As widespread the link between emotion and perception in modern theory of emotion is, it is only rarely critically examined. The conference’s aim is to fill this gap in the theory of emotion and to seriously explore this link between emotion and perception with all its pros and cons and to mark out its possibilities and limits.

Thursday, 08.11.2012

09.30-10.45        A. Stephan/W. Wilutzky: In Search of the Intentional Objects and the Adequacy of Emotional Interactions 
10.45-11.15        Coffee Break
11.15-12.30        M. Lacewing: Emotion, Perception and Moral Epistemology
12.30-14.30        Lunch Break
14.30-15.45        J. Dokic/S. Lemaire: The Normativity of Emotions: A Matter of Content, Mode or Neither?
15.45-16.15        Coffee Break
16.15-17.30        S. Döring: Why Recalcitrant Emotions are not Irrational

Friday, 09.11.2012

09.30-10.45        A. Lutz: Illuminating the Phenomenal Character of Emotional Experience. A Look at Perception Theory
10.45-11.15        Coffee Break
11.15-12.30        M. Brady: Seeing Bad and Feeling Bad
12.30-14.30        Lunch Break
14.30-15.45        J. Deonna/F. Teroni: Emotions: Perceptions or Attitudes?
15.45-16.15        Coffee Break
16.15-17.30        T. Crane: On Perceiving the Emotions of Others

Saturday, 10.11.2012

09.30-10.45        P. Railton: Affect and Evaluative Perception
10.45-11.15        Coffee Break
11.15-12.30        A. Berninger: Perception and the Dynamic Aspect of Emotions

The conference is part of the DFG poject "Emotions and Values."

Conference chair: Prof. Dr. Sabine Döring, Philosophy Department of
the Eberhard Karls University Tübingen.
Co-organizer: Anika Lutz.
Organizational support: Anton Hase.

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