CFP: Inter.culture.philosophy

Submission deadline: October 10, 2014

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The next issue will be published in October 2014 on the topic of philosophy and psychology. For this issue, we are looking for articles and essays that look closely to the historical, system- atic, or problem-specific relationship between philosophy and psychology. Furthermore, contributions of all kinds and on all topics are always welcomed.
The deadline for submissions to the October 2014 issue is the 10th of October. Please send your contributions to: [email protected]

about the journal

inter.culture.philosophy is an online journal for a public audience interested in philosophical discourse unlimited by cultural and disciplinary boundaries. inter.culture.philosophy does not commit itself to a particular ontology of philosophy, but rather draws on philosophy from every part of the world and of every culturally specific approach in its engagement in philosophical discourse. inter.culture.philosophy encourages collaboration with related disciplines such as—but not limited to—anthropology, psychology, cognitive science, theology, medicine, linguistics, ethnology, region-specific studies, religious studies, and law.

inter.culture.philosophy does not consider philosophy a sovereign discipline with marked-out boundaries, but rather as an attitude common to all human existence. inter.culture.philosophy gives philosophers and philosophy-related scholars a forum for a diversified discourse. The editorial selection of papers for publication is based on criteria concerning quality of content, and relevance to philosophical focus. The papers will be downloadable free of charge as PDF’s from the website.

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