The Mystery of Consciousness
Peter Hacker (Oxford University)

October 8, 2014, 2:00pm - 3:00pm
Ashmolean Museum

United Kingdom

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P.M.S. Hacker (St John’s College, Oxford & University of Kent)

Why Philosophy Matters Dialogue: The Mystery of Consciousness

Wednesday October 8 2014, 18.00 (Drinks and nibbles from 17.30)

Ashmolean Museum Education Centre (St Giles Entrance)

The Mystery of Consciousness

The subject of consciousness has been on centre-stage of passing philosophical dramas for some decades now, its role being warmly supported by cognitive neuroscientists, psychologists and benighted philosophers. It is generally agreed to be a mystery. it is argued to be a property of the brain. It is argued that it mysteriously emerges from mere matter (the cortex) and that this is, at present inexplicable. Biologists raise the question of what consciousness is for, and attempt to answer their question in a variety of highly questionable ways. These matters provide the material for ‘The Mysteries of Consciousness’ – a dialogue between an Oxford don, a Californian neuroscientist, a Viennese philosopher, an Australian reductive materialist, and a Scottish biologist.


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This event is organised by the Royal Institute of Philosophy branch at Oxford Brookes University

In association with the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford

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The talk is free and open to everyone.  No registration is required but please arrive early to secure a seat (alternatively, you may reserve one by contacting the Ashmolean directly).


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