CUNY Pragmatics Workshop: Relevance, Games, & Communication

October 14, 2014 - October 15, 2014
The CUNY Pragmatics Workshop is funded by a CUNY Collaborative Incentive Research Grant (CIRG# 2033) with additional support from the Program in Philosophy and the John H Kornblith Fund., City University of New York, Graduate Center

365 5th Avenue
New York 10016
United States

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Tuesday, October 14 (Room 9207)

10:15    Coffee

10:30    Rohit Parikh (CUNY)  “Grice, Hoare and Nash: contributions to pragmatics from game theory and program semantics”

11:30    Peter Godfrey-Smith (CUNY)  “What do generalizations of the Lewis signaling model tell us about information and meaning?”

12:30    Lunch

1:30     Prashant Parikh (CUNY)  “Deriving illocutionary meaning”

2:30     Student Presentations:

Ignacio Ojea (Columbia)  “Credibility and the stability of what is conveyed”

Todd Stambaugh (CUNY)  “Implicatures, etchings, and coffee”

Cagil Tasdemir (CUNY)  “Influencing behavior by influencing beliefs”

3:30     Coffee

4:15     Ariel Rubinstein (Tel Aviv/NYU)  “A Typology of Players”

5:30     Reception

7:00     Speakers’ dinner

Wednesday, October 15 (Room 9207)

9:15     Coffee

9:30     Daniel Harris (CUNY)   “Act-theoretic semantics for pragmatics”

10:30    Larry Horn (Yale)  “Trivial pursuits: on being orderly”

11:30    Stephen Neale (CUNY)  “All meaning is natural meaning?”

12:30    Lunch

1:30     Robyn Carston (UCL)  “Systematicity, optionality and relevance”

2:30     Student Presentations

Elmar Unnsteinsson (CUNY)  “The pragmatics of malapropisms”

Marilynn Johnson (CUNY)  “Why we implicate: revising Pinker’s game-theoretic proposal”

Jesse Rappaport (CUNY)  “Parsimony in linguistic theorizing: a double-edged razor”

3:30     Coffee

4:15     Keynote Talk & Philosophy Colloquium

Deirdre Wilson (UCL/Oslo)  “Explaining Metonymy”

6:00     Reception

7:30     Speakers’ dinner

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