Free will and philosophy of mind. Workshop on the philosophy of Derk Pereboom

November 22, 2014
Sciences, normes, décision (SND), Université Paris-Sorbonne

room F 366 (stairs F, 2nd floor)
Paris 75005


  • Université de Nantes


Gunnar Björnsson
Umeå University, Sweden
Dana Nelkin
University of California, San Diego
Derk Pereboom
Cornell University


Stefano Cossara
University of Paris Sorbonne
Cyrille Michon
Université de Nantes

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Sciences, Normes, Décision (Paris-Sorbonne & CNRS) and the Centre Atlantique de Philosophie (Université de Nantes), with the support of the Ecole Normale Supérieure and the Institut Universitaire de France, organize a workshop devoted to the work of Derk Pereboom (Cornell University, USA), who will be present.
The workshop will take place at the Sorbonne, room F 366 (stairs F, 2nd floor) on Saturday, 22nd November 2004, from 10 am to 6 pm. Participation is free without need of reservation.


10:00 – Welcome by Daniel Andler, director of SND (Paris-Sorbonne – CNRS)

Morning – Philosophy of Mind
Chair: Stefano Cossara (SND, Paris-Sorbonne – CNRS)

10:15 – Emile Thalabard (SND, Paris-Sorbonne – CNRS)
“Transparency and our introspective grasp on phenomenal properties”

10h45 – François Kammerer (SND, Paris-Sorbonne – CNRS)
“Where do they get such ideas? Or how we can think about nonexistent qualitative features in a purely physical world”

11h15 – Break

11h30 – Pascal Ludwig (SND, Paris-Sorbonne – CNRS)
"Phenomenal concepts and phenomenal knowledge"

12h00 – Derk Pereboom (Cornell)
Replies to commentators

12h45 – Lunch

Afternoon – Free Will and Moral Responsibility
Chair: Cyrille Michon (Nantes)

14h45 – Dana Nelkin (UC San Diego)
“Free Will Skepticism and Obligation Skepticism: Comments on Derk Pereboom's Free Will, Agency, and Meaning in Life”

15h15 – Marco Mangiarotti (SND, Paris-Sorbonne – CNRS)
“The manipulation argument and moral responsibility”

15h45 – Break

16h00 – Gunnar Björnsson (Umea)
“On the force of manipulation arguments”

16h30 – Derk Pereboom (Cornell)
Replies to commentators

The language of the workshop is English.
Contact and information: Stefano Cossara ([email protected])

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