Speaking the Phenomenon: 3rd Annual University of Sussex Graduate Conference in Phenomenology

May 24, 2012 - May 25, 2012
University of Sussex

MS 3.07A (Medical School Building)
United Kingdom

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Joanna Hodge
Manchester Metropolitan University
Miguel de Beistegui
University of Warwick

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How do the logos and its phenomenon relate? How does the logos itself appear? Is any articulation of the phenomenon possible? We are currently welcoming submissions for the 3rd annual University of Sussex graduate conference in phenomenology. The themes of the last two years have been, respectively, the beginnings and the ends of phenomenology. This year the focus is on an ambiguous relationship at the core of phenomenology: the relationship between its basic parts, phenomenon and logos. We invite abstracts for papers that engage with phenomenology, and its fundamental structure, or engage phenomenologically. What is it to speak of phenomena and what is it, phenomenologically, to speak? By examining the rapport between phenomenology and its phenomenon we hope to reinvigorate the heart of phenomenology: a speaking of the phenomenon.

This conference provides the opportunity for graduate students to present for twenty minutes and receive questions and feedback for an additional twenty minutes each. The University of Sussex graduate conference in Phenomenology is a two-day conference, organized by graduate students for graduate students. It is organized as a single 'stream', ensuring that every speaker has the opportunity of addressing all delegates. We aim to bring together postgraduates engaging in original research on phenomenology and related branches of philosophy and to promote contemporary studies in this field.

Useful information:

This event is open to the public, and free to non-participants. For further information concerning travel and accommodation, please contact Arthur ([email protected]).

Fourteen Graduate Speakers from around the world presenting on topics in and around phenomenology with panels covering everything from phenomenological method to the phenomenology of language


Thursday – MS 3.07A (Medical School Building)
Friday – Friston 108

Keynote Speakers:

Thursday 24th
Prof. Miguel deBeistegui (University of Warwick)
The Phenomenology of Desire in France

Friday 25th
Prof. Joanna Hodge (Manchester Metropolitan University)
Phenomenology at the Limit; Phenomena Speaking and Spoken

And a closing panel discussion led by
Prof. Beatrice Han-Pile (University of Essex) and Dr. Paul Davies
(University of Sussex)

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